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Here's How We Get You More Online Customers


Target your "ideal" customers, at the right time, by using advanced social media targeting strategies, where prospects identify them as being ready to buy right now.

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Direct Response Ads

Results Oriented Branding

Branding is not worth it... unless it gives you results.

And by results, we mean more leads, customers, and sales.

The impact of branding in your business needs to be measurable and needs to have a correlation with your bottom-line.

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TV On The Phone

The average user spends 144 minutes per day on social media.

And they are constantly consuming content in the form of video and images.

With our methodology, you can grow your brand, attract the right type of client and build audiences that will be ready to buy from you over the next 90 to 180 days.

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Conversion Oriented Lead Generation

A lot of people that social media ads do not work for Business to Business Lead Generation.

We have "cracked the code" and offer you an option to slash your cost per lead in half by using social media to build a huge brand.

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Plenty Of Agencies Say They Can Get You Customers...

The Team At Cardone Advertising Actually PROVES IT!

Every time someone sees one of the ads we create for you...

And then visits your website as a result...

...We can track it and report that back to you.


Conversions Events: The Way You KNOW This Stuff is Working

Conversion Events are one of the most powerful tools we can use to track the results that you are getting.

By "firing" these events when someone visits your Thank You page, or contacts you on the phone, or sends you an online inquiry, we can track how your ads are impacting your bottom-line.

How Conversion Events Work

Our experts will help you install all of the necessary assets on your website, even if you're not "tech-savvy"

This process is a breeze and allows you to track what the user is doing after clicking on your ads.

It is our philosophy that all of your advertising dollars should be tied back to a conversion that impacts your revenue. And this is how we do it.

Specific Social Reporting

Get Your Message In Front Of The Right People...ALL The Time.
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View Through Visits

Click Through Visits


Daily Total Conversion Zone

Daily Visits

Cost Per Visit

Total Visit Rate (TVR)


The Four Ways We Find Your Perfect Target Audience:

1. Direct Response Ads

2. Results Oriented Branding

3. TV On The Phone

4. Conversion Oriented Lead Generation